Does Captain D's Offer Senior Discounts

Does Captain D's Offer Senior Discounts

Captain D's is providing a special offer for senior citizens named Super Senior Days which is available on Sunday and Wednesday. Customers aged 62 and above can select from a list of eleven meals and pay only $4.49 for a drink. Additionally, customers have the option of receiving a $1 discount on any standard menu item of their choice on Sunday and Wednesday.

CouponAnnie currently features three active promotions for Captain D's Senior Discount Menu. These promotions include one promo code, two deals, and no free delivery offers. On average, customers can expect a 10% discount on their purchases, with the maximum discount reaching up to 10%.

What is Captain D's Happy Wednesday offer?

Captain D's Seafood offers a "Happy Wednesday Offer" for adults who are 62 years old and above. This offer includes 8 meal options, with drinks, for a value of $4.99 or less (prices may vary by location).

Does Captain D's have a senior discount?

According to our research as of April 16, 2021, Captain D's does not offer senior discounts. However, they do offer coupons and discount codes that can be used to unlock discounts on their website.

What is Super Senior Day at Captain D's?

Super Senior Day at Captain D's is a promotion where guests who are 62 years old or more can choose from ten meal options and get a drink for only $4.49. They can also get a $1 discount on any regular menu item on Sunday and Wednesday. Please note that this promotion is only available at participating locations.

Captain D's Seafood Restaurant offers a low-carbohydrate menu and features special days for seniors, where they can choose from a select menu for a discounted price.

At present, the Captain D's Senior Discount Menu offers featured on the website are considered the best available. There are three active deals, including one promo code and two discount offers, listed on the website. No free delivery options are currently visible. CouponAnnie can be a valuable resource for obtaining significant savings on these offers.

Captain D's offers a special promotion called Super Senior Days on Sundays and Wednesdays. Guests who are 62 years old or over can select one of ten meals from the menu and receive a drink for only $4.49.

How much is a meal at Captain D's?

Captain D's Seafood Kitchen offers Super Senior Days on Sundays and Wednesdays where guests age 62 and older can choose from 8 meal options for $4.99, including a small drink, choice of two sides, and hush puppies.

The Captain D's menu offers beverages with varying amounts of carbohydrates. Beverages low in carbs include Sweetened Iced Tea (16 oz), Sweetened Iced Tea (22 oz), and Lemonade (16 oz). The highest carb beverages are Coca Cola (32 oz), Coca Cola (16 oz), and Lemonade (16 oz).

Is Captain D's keto friendly?

Captain D's offers keto-friendly options in their grilled meals section, which contains pure seafood without any breading or batter-dipping. Each skewer of grilled shrimp contains just 1g of carbs, making it a lucrative option for those on the keto diet with a daily limit of 20g net carbs.

What is the lowest calorie fish at Captain D's?

The fish with the lowest amount of calories on the Captain D's menu are the Southern Style Fish Tender, Grilled White Fish Fillet, and Batter-Dipped Fish. The fish with the highest amount of calories on the menu are the 2 Piece Fish Dinner, Fish & Fries, and Deluxe. This information is based on the Captain D's Nutrition Info & Calories as of December 2022.

Is Captain D's a fast food restaurant?

Captain D's is a fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in fish and seafood, with prices that are generally higher than typical fast-food restaurants due to their menu consisting mainly of full meals.

What kind of fish does Captain D's use?

Captain D's uses a variety of fish including Pollock, Catfish, Tilapia, Salmon, Whitefish, Shrimp, Clams, and Crab in their menu items. The D in Captain D's stands for the founder's last name, Danner.

Captain's D's Seafood offers a special discount for adults aged 62 and older called the "Happy Wednesday Offer." This offer includes a choice of 8 meals and drinks for a value of $4.99 or less (price varies by location).

Does Captain D's have a happy Wednesday offer?

Captain D's Seafood offers a "Happy Wednesday Offer" for seniors aged 62 and up, which includes a choice of 8 meals and a drink for $4.99 or less (offer varies by location).

How many Captain D's restaurants are there?

Captain D's has over 600 locations in 23 states, primarily in the Midwest and South regions of the United States.

How do I use Captain D's coupons?

To use Captain D's coupons, simply present them at the time of purchase either in-store or online. The discounts or promotions will be applied accordingly, allowing you to enjoy delicious seafood, chicken and other menu items at a reduced price. Joining the D's Club is also a great way to receive exclusive coupons, specials, and free treats.

What can I do with Captain D's gift cards?

Captain D's gift cards can be given as gifts to friends or family to enjoy great seafood at their restaurants. They also offer eGift cards for instant gratification. Additionally, kids can enjoy a free birthday meal every year by signing up for the Kid's Club, while adults can join the D's Club for coupons, specials, news on new menu items, and free treats.

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